Our Capabilities

  • Complete machining services for large and small parts using conventional machines and NC machines
  • Fabrication of large and small weldments or machinery
  • Large paint booth (10 x 40 x 20) with capabilities up to and including automotive quality painting
  • Sheet metal shop with conventional and NC machines
  • Field installation services and maintenance of what we manufacture or of equipment provided by other equipment manufacturers
  • Two plants on a 15-acre site


Your Requirements

  • Emergency repairs of critical parts or machinery for a machine or a production line that is down
  • Custom equipment to improve your process and reduce your costs
  • Free consultation and collaboration with machine designers
  • Reverse engineering on parts or machinery that needs improvement in function, price, quality, or delivery times to maximize your uptime and reduce your costs


Our Service

  • A desire for a long-term relationship
  • Free design consultation and quotations
  • 40 years of in-house experience understanding and creating effective solutions for customer problems
  • Highly efficient labor force with good cost controls and lean management support to minimize your costs
  • Fast turnaround on repairs
  • Short lead-times on custom machinery
  • General Manager is directly in the loop with our customers to minimize delays, cost, and misunderstandings
  • Free pickup and delivery of parts to facilitate a quick turnaround
  • 24/7 service on breakdowns
  • Net 30 days terms of payment