Case Histories

Glass Manufacturing

The owner of a float glass plant still under construction contacted James manufacturing with a critical need – with the start-up date for the plant only four weeks away, special process tools had not been ordered.  In fact, they weren’t even designed.  James Manufacturing swung into action.  Using only customer sketches of the tools, James worked around the clock to design and manufacture side shields, pokers, skimmers, waste coolers and cake coolers.  The tools were delivered and the plant started within 24 hours of its planned start-up date.

Another float glass plant had problems with the knurl heads used to move 1600°F molten glass through the furnace.  The knurl head, as originally designed, was a one-piece casting that was subject to burning up after limited use.  Working together with the glass plant’s engineering and maintenance personnel, the solution was to redesign the knurl head into a five-piece unit machined out of 316 stainless steel.  With the new design, only one piece was subjected to severe service.  As a result, knurl head life has been extended by 400% and repair costs have been slashed by more than 65%.

James Manufacturing has built and/or repaired virtually every working piece of equipment in the hot end of the glass manufacturing process for several of the largest flow glass manufacturers in the world.


Roofing Products

A roofing products manufacturer found that his entire production line was being slowed down by the last part of the process – a “catcher” that received the shingles as they came out of the cutter.  The customers called James Manufacturing and described his needs. James developed drawings based on his verbal description, then built a new conveyor system for the production line that included a newly-designed catcher.  With this new system, production line speed increased by 25% from 400 ft./min. to 500 ft./min.


Miscellaneous Projects

While James Manufacturing has made a name for itself in the glass and roofing products industries, we’ve also served a diverse group of industries with some pretty unusual, and sometimes critical, requirements.

  • We’ve produced fusion dies used to heat polyethylene pipe when it’s being joined at the jobsite.  These dies handle pipe from 2” to 24” OD and withstand temperatures of 500°F.  To get the dies from an OEM would have taken six months.  James Manufacturing delivered them in a fraction of the time.
  • James Manufacturing has produced the cutter heads for a facing machine used in finishing 54” plastic pipe.  The OEM wanted a year to deliver the cutter heads.  James Manufacturing turned the job around in 30 days.
  • Several manufacturers have called upon James Manufacturing to provide custom modifications to their machine tools, including chuck jaws and tool post holders for irregular or single purposes.